The Galerita Cockatoos

   Above Left: Wild Galerita’s in Australia park. 

   Above: Australia, it’s not all arid. 

The Galerita Cockatoo is the largest of the Sulphur crested. The identifiers are the stark white eye ring, most Cockatoo eye rings have a blueish tint. The Galerita  crest is taller than any other Cockatoo species. The crest separates into two rows and curls outwards when up. They have a pear shaped body, unlike other Sulphur-crested and a remarkably small head and beak for the size of the body.

 Again, all Sulphur crested Cockatoos are unpredictable. Their mood can change for no perceivable reason. Females are the exception.

They are kind to each other and one of our males is missing a wing, it makes no difference to the other Galerita’s.

Like most of the Australian Cockatoos, the pure blood, Galerita is hard to find in USA. Here in the States, most have been hybridized with the Triton Cockatoo. The Australian Government does not want their birds taken out of the wild, to live in a cage, makes sense. 

Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary was established in 1992

Photo Above: Wild Galerita’s foraging with Slender-bill/ Long billed Corella.

Photo Left: Wild Australian Galerita does millions of dollars in damage to power lines.

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